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1. Who Are Our Clients?

Many Racing Teams & Drivers use SimVosi Professional Racing Simulators to train for upcoming races and to enhance their driver development alongside coaching. Many racing enthusiasts also use our simulators to supplement their track days for pure enjoyment as well as training purposes, we also set up these simulators so your own private racing coach can remotely train you on your simulator from the convenience of both of your homes.
Absolutely! You can run as many laps as you like by yourself with any car / track configuration you like. Included with every simulator are credits and access to private servers so you can also set up private events for you and your firends if they have a simulator as well or multiple simulators at your place as well as remote coaching, your coach can login and either watch as you drive with both in car cockpit views as well as outside track views and they can also enter your session to drive along with you for lead / follow as well. Lastly there are many online racing series you can enter such as IMSA, IndyCar, NASCAR etc where you will practice/qualify/race against many other racers around the world. On any given day there are 100's of races you can enter as well as being able to enter the official races such as IMSA and if you're fast enough to be in a top split will even be racing against the factory drivers!
If you've haven't had a chance to test out the simulator at an event or race we've been to, we can gladly setup an availability to have you demo the simulators as well as show you all the inner workings as to why these professional racing simulators are so well regarded training tools. We even have a travel reimbursement program where we will credit up to $500 travel expenses for Track Day Special & $1000 on a SIMVOSI PRO simulator if you decide to add one to your collection. We want you to try it out and most of our clients are not within driving distance so this is a no guilt way of trying it out and trust us, you will be thrilled you did!


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