Super Ultrawide Screen or Triple 32", which is best?

Super Ultrawide Screen or Triple 32", which is best?

The age old question of which screen is best for racing simulators will probably never be settled as they both have their place within the racing world. The very first question is do you have the space, if not your decision is even easier. There are 3 types of screens, standard, ultrawide, and super ultrawide. Standard is a single screen 16:9 ratio, ultrawide 21:9 is 1 screen high but 1.5 screens wide, and superultrawide 32:9 is 1 screen high by 2 screens wide for a windshield like view. We build the simulators usually with superultrawide and triple standard screens usually but there have been cases of space constraints in a dorm room for example and in that case a ultrawide would be the choice for space to visuals ratio.

Width Needed for 49" super ultrawide - 50"

Width Needed for triple curved 32" 72"

The Samsung Super Ultrawide 49" is a beautiful screen and gives a seamless view for both cockpit gt cars and open wheels such as formula. It is technically 2 27" monitors fused together without any bezels and the current screen is 1440p resolution, we usually have this screen a couple inches closer to the driver than the triple 32". There are 2 downsides to this screen, the vertical height is a bit lacking at almost 5" shorter than a 32" screen and you lose some of the drivers window and all of the passenger window which makes close racing online harder not knowing your surroundings as well. On the plus side the single screen always runs flawless and almost never needs anything adjusted when an update happens as can happen with 3 screens, ie left becomes right, simple to change but still. 

triple 32" screens racing simulator

Triple 32" screens is more immersive as it fills in your view and surrounds you better. Additionally it gives you a better understanding of walls and other cars being able to see out the windows. For 32" size we use curved monitors as it makes for a smoother transition from screen to screen, not as important when going to say triple 48" screens. The addition of 5" extra vertical height also means your eyes are more focused on the simulation and not the room you are in again further immersing you. The couple downsides to these are it takes more computing power, bezels in-between the screens which almost disappear on in car cockpits but are a bit more noticeable on open wheel such as formula 1 however your mind learns to ignore these and they don't become a distraction. More space is needed but not by a lot, and finally sometimes when first turning on the computer you have to change a few settings that only take less than one minute. Overall if you are going to be racing online against others we highly recommend triple monitors for the best racing simulator experience you can get!