Matrix Motion

D-BOX Motion

The first layer of motion is the 4 corner motion and vibration tuned by SimVosi. This motion system gives a much more immersive & intense experience & gives inertia sensations.

  • Suspension, Bumps, Curbs

    Gives a better understanding of the track surface and where the chassis is getting unsettled much better than just getting feeling forces through the wheel.

  • Integrated Vibration With Motion

    Immerses you with vibrations from rumble strips, engine vibrations, & wheel lockup.

  • Lateral G & Acceleration / Braking Sensations

    Feel the limits of lateral grip better as well as dipping the chassis under braking and a slight jolt for shifting.

Harness Tensioning

Brings the connection of slowing down to a whole body experience, not just a leg pressure and visual cue.
  • Active Harness System

    The chassis slides the driver and cockpit forward into the belts for a natural and progressive feel. Your body feels like it is really braking under high g-force.

  • Progressive Linear Tension

    The system works with live telemetry to give an accurate and trainable chest pressure, tunable for any car.
  • Shift Jolts & Core Vibrations

    Feel the impact of shifting and micro vibrations sent to the drivers core for an intense session.

Traction Yaw

Feel the more natural inertia when cornering, the chassis load up and get the seat of the pants feel of losing traction.

  • Yaw G Cuing 

    Cornering inertia is better felt through rotation with this platform also preloading g cues for that buildup to slip.

  • Traction Slip

    Drive harder on the limit by getting that seat of the pants feel you're used to. Highly adjustable for release angle of traction per car.

  • Brake Lockup, Lateral Bump Skip

    Feel the chassis wiggle under brake lockup and under early corner acceleration. Wrong attack angle on a particular bump, this platform will kick out the rear as if it skipped over the bump.

How will motion add to the experience & accuracy?

With limited track days and rising costs, getting your drivers and team prepared has become harder. Welcome to the new era of driver training!

What is Matrix Motion and how can it help my racing skills? Simply put, Matrix Motion is the most advanced dynamic motion system available to professional racers. You have the ability to independently tune every aspect of motion so you have a 1 to 1 connected feeling of the car to improve your lap times in the real world. Not only is this system very intense but it is also very accurate getting raw telemetry data converted into motion programming. We custom make all the motion mechanisms for 1 purpose... Accurate track day prep. Each mechanism and motion layer has a purpose to allow you to drive at the limit more consistently in real life. There are many custom in-house motion profiles programmed, the true to life motion will prepare you for your real on track racing but you may notice your virtual lap times being a bit slower since your mind and body are being subjected to the forces, but this is the purpose to allow you to feel every bump and crack as you would in real life to develop the mental timing of hitting your marks. We also have more mellow profiles for those of you entering online virtual races and looking to post the fastest lap times possible with the motion cues actually making you faster and more consistent than non motion.