Driver Development Training

Racing Doesn't Become Easier, You Have To Become Faster!

How Can A Racing Simulator Help My Driver Development?

It used to be that the only benefit a simulator offered was to allow you to memorize the layout of a new track but not much more. This is not the case with SimVosi simulators, we've done many years of specialized development to allow you to accurately train for real life. We come from the real racing world and have been involved in sim racing more heavily since 2009 however it wasn't until there were some major technology breakthroughs in 2018 that we could really say to ourselves, okay this is a serious training tool and we have been pushing the barrier ever since with many industry firsts.

Our pro level simulators come installed with data telemetry systems as well as remote coaching ability so if you are in California but your favorite coach is in Florida you can both still have that coach/client relation and get training from the comfort of both of your homes with all of the same capabilities as real life.






Real Life Cues

Work With Your Racing Coach.

Coaching abilities are built into our simulators with the PRO upgrade. We specifically build and design racing simulators for professional racing drivers to be able to interact with their driving coach either in person or remotely. Coaching has reached a new era where it is a combination of both simulation and real life on-track practice, neither will ever replace the other but when used in unison the outcome is faster and more consistent laps


Replay Viewing Angles




Data Telemetry Channels

Track Layout

The most obvious way is the track layout itself. Memorizing the turns, pit entrance/exit and visual markers along the track.

Trying Different Driving Lines

Only in the simulated world can you train on a private track anytime you want. You can try the same turn 100 times over and put 100 percent focus on determining which approach is the fastest also setting you up for the next section. In a typical real world practice day you may never get the clear track to work on the particular corner during your session.

Curb hopping and track bumps

Learn which curbs and bumps you can and should drive over and which will unsettle the race car too much. Take Sebring for example, a one foot different placement on the first or last turn can make a difference in how much the car kicks out.

Motion Cuing

We put a large focus on having the most accurate motion cuing and timing. Most people would think professional drivers would be the least likely to get nauseous from a racing simulator however our philosophy is they are in fact the most likely to get sick. It's very simple really, drivers are so in-tune with their race car, the chassis flex, the weight transfer, the suspension compression, the limits of traction, and so on that if anything visually, motion wise, forces applied to the body, delayed response from the drivers inputs, and most importantly the convincing of the inner ear are off even a fraction of a percent the driver will get sick. That's where this simulator comes into play, it was built around these principles for the driver! 


Compact Package Fits Anywhere

Have a professional training tool in any room or your race shop. Made of the highest quality components and extremely quiet so it blends seamlessly within your space. 

what our racing clients say

What our racing clients say