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Industry Leading Technology
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The Track Day Special is an excellent turn key package for the racer who wants a high end package but doesn't need the very top of the line found in the PRO Qualifier or Team Edition PRO. This package can be customized in any way the client desires with the package being a very well rounded package.

The main cockpit shares the same high end no flex design of the PRO series with sliders on both the seat and pedals to instantly get a comfortable position. The steering height and angle is adjustable via loosening bolts and altering the position easily. High quality black anodized finish to top it off.

Vibration system for road texture, engine vibration, shifting thump, and rumble strips adds immersion to the simulation so the driver can focus more on the feedback from the simulation.

Our simulators come pre configured for iRacing, the most accurate and popular simulation program and can operate with many of the most popular programs.

Heusinkveld Sprint gas and brake pedals with many adjustable settings such as force, distance, leverage, and tilt of the pedal faces. Adjustable springs and bushings allow the driver to set the pedal feel to their desired settings while an electronic controller gives quick and total control for pressure changes.

Samsung 49" Super Ultrawide screen gives an immersive view that works well for gt and formula cars with a seamless view of the track and ease of use of a single screen all while fitting in smaller spaces.

Logitech speakers & subwoofer for sound nicely integrated behind the screen and HyperX Could ii Wireless headphones for those late night racing sessions.

Cube Controls GT Sport Wheel with rotary dials, push buttons, and paddle shifters for a great all around wheel, attached to an Alpha direct drive steering motor.

Includes 10 hours of remote after support which can be used for anything from help with updates, to adding programs or anything your heart desires. We want you to be able to call with any question and be promptly helped!

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