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Industry Leading Technology
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Ultimate Training Tool

The Factory Team Edition is the ultimate training tool for racers. It brings the intensity you need to train for the real world. Take Sebring for example, only this motion system will train you exactly where you need to place your wheels on turn 1 to not kick the rear out or on the last turn the mental timing and waiting before getting back on throttle while your body is being subjected to the left side lateral bumps and load.


This simulator is complete and includes delivery and on-site setup, ready to race the second it's plugged in.


Optional 48" Triple OLED high refresh, fast response monitors. This Display Model features 48" screens for reference. What is G-Sync? Its a variable refresh rate so that is cases of large frame per second changes there will no longer be any tearing or stutters as the computer fps rate shifts in fast scenarios or sharp turns. With G-Sync the monitors sync with the rate the computer is outputting so the image is always fast and tear free. OLED screen option is required if screens are attached to the moving traction loss platform due to vibrations.


The Factory Team Edition is complete & turn key. This includes the computer, screens, screen stand, speakers and sub, headphone & separate headphone amp system and all high end cables. 1 week of stress testing and ready to plug into the wall with 1 single outlet. We do all the programming on the computer and install Assetto with all the mod tracks and cars as well as load all iRacing cars and tracks onto the computer. Every aspect of the computer is refined within windows as well as every on simulator configuration set. All motion programming with all the types of cars loaded, same as with pro comp. The Factory Team Edition also includes VIP support which covers any issue within Windows as well as iRacing or Assetto along with the Matrix Motion System.


For powder coating option: allow for an additional 2-3 weeks for turnaround depending upon the powder coating workflow schedule.






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