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The PRO Qualifier builds upon the Track Day Special & adds many upgrades in a standard package. turn key simulator is race ready with high end components and perfect for the e-racer looking to race on the best equipment to the professional racer looking for a way to get additional prep time, or to race among their fellow racers online. Black anodized aluminum chassis with seat and pedal tray slider to quickly adjust positions and multiple drivers. Adjustable angle and height for steering motor. This is a complete turn key package and is by far our most popular racing simulator to date, and for many great reasons! It is so versatile working with many simulator programs, be up and racing in only a couple minutes, and is super accurate for professional racers in terms of correct feel, forces, and motion. Plus its in a small footprint.

Includes Black Anodized Aluminum Cockpit With Slider On Seat & Pedals To Quickly Change To The Perfect Position In Relation To The Steering Wheel. The Steering Mount Is Adjustable For Different Heights & Angle of Wheel By Loosening A Few Bolts & Adjusting To The Perfect Steering Position. Outside Mounting Feet To Elevate Cockpit Off Ground.

Includes Heusinkveld Ultimate + 2 Pedals, GSI GXL Wheel With Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters & Dual Clutch Paddles Behind Wheel With 2 Cables (1 Backup) SIMUCUBE Wheel Shaft Extension To Move Steering Upright Away From Driver For More Comfort & Accurate Position Plus Makes More Room For Ease Of Entry. Forged Aluminum Quick Disconnect To Remove Wheel For Ease Of Entry. Includes SIMUCUBE 2 Sport Wheel Base Servo Motor, The Standard For Professional Drivers.

Includes Aluminum Screen Stand With Computer Tray To Hide Computer & Cables Neatly Behind Screen. Included Screen Is Samsung 49" Super Ultra Wide 1440p 120hz Screen For A Wide Panoramic View. Computer Is Powered By Intel & Nvidia, i7 12 Core Processor With Nvidia RTX 3070 Graphics With 16gb Of Ram, 1 terabyte NVMe Solid State Hard Drive, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse.

Includes Klipsch 2.1 THX Certified Speakers & Subwoofer & High End Hyper X DTS Wireless Headphones With Microphone For Chat. 


PRO Qualifier Upgrade Package Includes:

Upgraded Heusinkveld 2 Pedal to Heusinkveld Ultimate + 2 Pedal 

Upgraded 15nm Direct Drive to Simucube 2 PRO 25nm steering motor with extension shaft.

Upgraded Cube Sport Steering Wheel to GSI Prototype Elite Wheel With Screen, Dual Clutch, & Carbon Paddles

Upgraded Logitech Speakers & HyperX Cloud ii Wireless Headphones to Klipsch Speakers & Sub, & HyperX Alpha DTS Wireless Headphones.

Upgraded Vibration System From Rear Only to Front & Rear For a More Uniform & Immersive Experience.

Addition of Digital One Touch Control Panel to Easily Navigate Into All The Functionalities of The Simulation.

Upgraded From Samsung 49" Super Ultrawide to Triple 32" 1440p 165hz vrr screens for a wraparound view and perfect for online competition. Also Upgrades Computer From 4070 to 4070ti Video Card.


Triple Screen Upgrade Package Includes:


Widths required for screens:

49" super ultrawide 4.5 feet

Triple 32" 6 feet


D-BOX 4250i Gen 5 Motion - 2 and 4 Actuator System:

Have a More Immersive Racing Experience With Motion & Vibration Haptics. Gen 5 D-Box Motion Package Installed on Chassis, Setup, & Programmed For Multiple Racing Programs With Motion Profiles Tuned By Us For Different Types Of Cars & Track Configurations. This motion system does many things such as suspension compression, bumps and curbs, slight cornering inertia, shifting bump, diving of chassis under braking and acceleration. It also does high frequency vibrations such as engine rpm, rumble strips, road texture, as well as a vibration indication when starting to skid or lock up brakes. Simple & easy to tune with a few sliders to quickly get a profile you like and can have many profiles for different classes of cars.

The New Gen 5 D-BOX also works with over 2,000 movies and streaming services from Netflix, Disney +, and Prime to add movie theater motion & vibration excitement watching your favorite movies right in the track day special cockpit (requires D-Box annual subscription currently $89), 1st year included with the Track Day Special. List of D-BOX compatible movies & Shows

Matrix Motion Upgrades:

Harness Tensioning System: Includes upgrade to Schroth Harness, Controller, Motor, & Harness Tower. This system does many things, the main one being able to more naturally feel the braking as well as trail braking. Under acceleration it will release a little pressure. During elevation changes it will alter the pressure on the chest & it does ultra fast pulses of vibrations that add to the road texture feel as well as minute bumps, great add-on with the dbox motion. Highly adjustable settings with amount of braking force pull as well as being able to alter the linear scale, as well as pressure for elevation changes & the minute pulsations of road texture, can make profiles for each car. New for 2023 builds, instead of a motor simply pulling on the harness we are now building a platform underneath the main simulator cockpit. The Cockpit will slide forward under braking applying pressure on not only the shoulder belts but also the lap belts as well and with the forward motion the driver is falling into the harness like real life rather then pulling them against the seat. This applies pressure in the most natural way and loads your chest pressure at once rather than hotspots when pulling back.

Traction Loss / Yaw: This bottom platform does several things. It provides a sense of weight transfer through the turns and snaps quickly when breaking traction to give you the seat of the pants feel as you are breaking traction. It also introduces lateral bumps for a bit more intense feel. This is a smaller platform than our SimVosi PRO system adding only about 1 foot wider and longer than the Track Day Special Chassis itself however it uses the same mechanisms, bearings, & Motor as our larger platform needed to carry the load of the larger simulator & screens. On this setup only the chassis breaks traction, the screens are separate and stay stationary. Highly adjustable settings with ability to adjust lateral grip preload, angle of slip the traction loss system activates as well as speed and distance it moves. Adjustments for intensity of lateral bump surges as well. Can save as many profiles as like for individual cars or class of cars. The Larger 42-55" screens are recommended with traction loss so there is less of a visual shift on larger screens when breaking traction.

Seat and optional pedal vibration. This is a dual vibration system with a motor under the seat and a motor attached to the pedal base which brings another level of immersion into the equation with many programmable features. The vibrate motors will activate under certain circumstances such as engine vibration / rpm, rumble strips, wheel lockup, surface texture such as transitions of different pavement patches and the very small bumps not activated with motion systems. The different actions all have their own vibration and frequency thumps. The D-BOX motion implements many vibrations on its own which are very immersive, however those vibrations have to carry thru the chassis to the driver, with the D-Box vibrations and the extreme vibration system they work in unison to really fill in the gaps as a bonus some vibrations are programmed into one or the other so now the vibrations felt have a better range of frequency. Many very small bumps are felt through vibrations rather than actually a motion.


If you have been to our showroom, it is built as follows $42,500:


D-BOX Upgrade

Standard Screen 49" super ultrawide


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